September Happenings

On September 29, I spoke on the panel, "Building for Mobile: Design & Content That Works," at Inbox Summit East, an email marketing summit hosted by Campaigns & Elections and Tech Wire Media. 

Normally I shy away from speaking at events like these, as I prefer to stay "behind the scenes," but I decided to just go for it and join this panel of talented email marketers. After all, it's time copywriting got some buzz in this BuzzFeed, buzzword-obsessed digital world.

I was eager to share my insights on mobile email, particularly my beliefs that strong copy, timing and personalization of email will be more important than anything else. What's the point in spending thousands to millions of dollars on data, analytics tools and email marketing platforms if you're not going to invest in the content that goes in it?! 

That's like buying a Benz but refusing to buy gas. You can only get so far. To really drive home a message and make a sale, you need to fuel your engine, shift gears and accelerate your copy.

In the age of mobile, content is king. And having talented, experienced copywriters is the most invaluable investment you can make.

Strong copy makes the difference between whether or not your email gets opened, read or clicked. With strong copy, you can raise several times more what you spend on a send. And you can continue to fill up the data and analytics tanks by delivering strong messages that drive concrete actions.

If you're looking for copy that sells, drop us a line at We'd be happy to help.