Shoreline Strategies, LLC is a no-frills digital marketing and communications firm that provides specialized services for campaigns, companies and causes. Shoreline Strategies was founded in 2015 by Mary Caswell “Cassie” Alsfeld and has offices in DC and New Orleans. We specialize in copywriting, email marketing and online fundraising.

At Shoreline Strategies, we keep our eyes on the horizon and our feet on the shore. We are a purpose-driven company that's dedicated to the basic principles of doing good... and doing well. We understand the ebb and flow of the political, business and nonprofit landscapes, and we’ll keep you current on the latest strategies.

We are as creative as we are strategic, and we are as honest as we are hardworking. No matter the challenge, we aren’t afraid to dive in deep or just keep you afloat. We are committed to maximizing resources and delivering strong returns, and we’ll always put your needs and interests first to ensure you get the most “bang for your buck.”